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Elk M1 Gold Alarm System Kit Without Keypad


The M1 Gold is the ultimate security system and home automation system in one with features only found in best alarm and automation systems on the market, plus additional features dreamed up by the Elk engineers.  The M1 Gold is perfect for your home, cottage, vacation home or business.
500+ word vocabulary for announcing events, zone status changes, alarm conditions or whatever you can dream up
Local and remote telephone control and of system and status updates
Can be programmed to call a telephone or pager, or can be professionally monitored .
Optional M1XEP ethernet module allows internet access and e-mail alerts
Compatible with X10, Insteon, ZWave, UPB and most other lighting and thermostat controls
With a 500+ word vocabulary, you can have the M1 announce door/window openings (Front Door, Back Door, Garage Door, etc) or you can program custom messages to be played based on whatever triggers you prefer.  Voice prompts are also used to access the system from inside or outside the house by telephone so you can check status, arm, disarm and more from any telephone.
With 16 standard input zones expandable to 208 zones, the M1 Gold supports all standard alarm contacts, 2 and 4 wire smoke and CO2 detectors and up to 48 wireless sensors (requires M1XRF2G wireless expander). It also has 13 on-board outputs for automating garage doors, door strikes and other hardwired events.
Supporting all standard monitoring formats, the M1 Gold can either be monitored by a professional monitoring company, or you can have the system call your phone, pager, family or neighbour to alert them of an alarm condition or break-in. You can even have it call based on automated rules, such as if the temperature gets too cold inside (good for a cottage in winter) or if there is a water leak (with water detector installed).
The M1 gold has a built-in RS-232 serial port allowing for fast and simple programming of the panel, zones and automation routines from your PC using the included Elk RP software package.
The optional M1XEP Ethernet interface allows for remote control and monitoring of the panel and lights/appliances over the internet using a web browser as well as programming and control using ElkRP software over the network, dial-up or internet
M1GSYS3 Kit includes:
Board in 14" enclosure
Power Transformer
Speaker (also used for siren sound)
Telephone RJSET
ElkRP Programming software (via free download). 
Keypad Choices (not included):
M1KPNAV - Touch Screen LCD Keypad
M1KPB - Blue keypad with 6 function keys, built-in temp sensor, room for prox reader internally
M1KP2 - semi-flush or surface mountable keypad, 4 function keys, no temp (add M1BBK2 to your order for flush mount)
M1KP3 - same features as M1KP2 but with closeable door to hide keys 
Elk M1 Gold M1GSYS3 Features & Benefits:
Large zone capacity: standard 16 on-board zones expandable to 208
Wireless compatibility: Up to 48 zones (with optional M1XRF2G wireless receiver)
Two-way voice and Listen-in interface available
Standard RS-232 Serial Port for programming via PC and to interface to computers and peripheral devices
Time/Date stamped 512 event history log
Menu driven, full text keypad programming - much simpler to set up and program
Built in Voice Announcement of alarms, zone descriptions, status, etc with 500+ Word/phrase Vocabulary and 10 custom recordable word/phrases
13 On-board Outputs including 1 voice/siren, 1 siren driver, 1 form "C" relay and 10 low current (50mA) outputs
Supports 4-wire (any zone) and 2-wire (zone 16) smoke detectors, and all standard NO or NC contacts
Supports up to 48 wireless zones using the M1XRF2GGE Elk M1XRF2G
Zones can be partitioned into 8 separate areas and account numbers
User Codes: 99 (4 or 6 digit) with assignable authority levels
Arm levels: Away, Stay, Stay Instant, Nite, Nite Instant, Vacation
Hardware "watchdog" and nonvolatile EEPROM memory
Supervised phone line, alarm output and aux. overcurrent
True V.22 bis Modem for fast, reliable upload/download
Built-in telephone remote control makes any telephone a keypad
Integrated Voice Dialer uses vocabulary or custom word/phrases to call your cell phone, work, friends, family or pager!
Digital Communicator formats: SIA, Contact ID, 4+2 and Pager
Elk-RP PC software for system set up and programming from your PC (serial port), dial-up or using the optional ethernet interface, and includes "conflict resolution" to easily highlight differences between control and PC
Optional external Prox Access reader (26 bit Weigand format)
Programmable display of time, date and temperature on each keypad
System supports up to 16 keypads
Create lifestyle enhancing comfort, convenience and security with powerful "Whenever/And/Then" RULES Programming allowing almost any imaginable operation.
Rules utilize easy to understand text based references
Control lighting using RS-232 serial or optional PSC05 2-way Power Line Control (PLC) interfaces: PSC05 for X10, 2414S/2412S/ISY99 for Insteon
Sunset/Sunrise calculation and activation
Transmit and receive custom serial ASCII messages
Communicate with thermostats using optional serial/thermostat interface
Turn on Tasks, Lights, Outputs via Keypad or Telephone Remote
  • Model: M1GSYS3
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs

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